Remarks on the first Sustainable Development Weekend

A post-Nidri script          The previous article published on Green O’Clock is asking for an “after-comment” itself. Even though, the text put more emphasis on the trash management problems of Lefkada and spoke about the issue of human attitude toward nature in the context of the island it also contained an invitation[…]

 Hear our voice and learn to care: sustainable development  weekend in Nidri

       Promoting the idea and teaching about sustainable development have always been among the priority of the volunteers of Solidarity Tracks Organization. Recycling workshops, garden maintenance  and eco-house building series have already had a history. During the last couple of years these initiatives and activities managed to enter, more or less, into the[…]

Sterotypes and rumors

Stereotypes are part of our everyday life. People have to face imaginations of other people either they want or not. As a touristic place, also Lefkadian people have to face prejudices. Did you ever hear of Germans wearing socks in sandals, Austrians drinking loads of beers, English who are always sunburned, Norwegians who are easily[…]

What W(e) DID about women, advertisements and sexism

In the meeting yesterday a group of 14 people gathered to talk about women´s situation nowadays, the influence of media and the connection with society, the education of values for our children and  problems that occur through teenagers years.   In the beginning we watched a video and commented or talked about the chosen pictures.[…]

A message of love the day before Valentine

  Saint Valentine. Admittedly in my home country people prepare for the “day of love” weeks before. A consumption hype was created, just like the day of Christmas was turned into an event. The real meaning of these days got lost in hysterical shopping trips. The shops are prepared with decoration of hearts, roses and[…]

Celebration of 40 years since the Politehnio Uprising in Lefkada

Your past is always your past and even if you forget it, it remembers you ( Sarah Dessen). 40 years ago the students in Athens were on the street trying to build a better future. They are now the past that we should always remember and cherish. Student’s protest in 1973 was celebrated on Friday,[…]

This is How We Do It : Social Action and Environmentalism in the Balkans

By Cosmina Bajan In a world in full process of globalization, when economy and politics are disputing the first position in the complex category of criteria upon which we can compare a country, cultural and traditional patterns seem to be obsolete  Yet, if we really want to understand what lies behind the acting in a certain way or[…]

Let’s clean the beautiful beaches of Lefkada!Ας καθαρίσουμε τις όμορφες παραλίες της Λευκάδας!

 Saturday, 10t of August, an environmental event named Clean Beaches took place in Kathisma, Lefkada. The main purpose of the event was to sesnsibilize people on the problem of the throwing out of garbage and more specifically cigarette ends in the sand, on the beach, or in the sea. The event organized by Equal Society[…]

Lefkada NGO is one of the winners of the Euro-Med Youth Awards 2013Τα Μονοπάτια Αλληλεγγύης είναι ένας από τους νικητές του Euro-Med Youth Awards 2013

Jordan hosted this year during June 11-13 the second edition of the Euro-Med Youth Awards. The Euro-Med Program is a program promoting youth mobility within the European and Mediterranean area. The aim of the event was to increase the visibility of the Euro-Med Cooperation with key partners from the youth field, to enhance the achievements of the[…]