The history of environmental protection

Today you can’t throw a stone without hitting someone talking about the importance of environmental protection, the dangers of pollution and global warming. Of course just because we are talking about does not mean that we are closer to solving the problem but it is a step into the right direction. These issues are well[…]

Founding a ZONTA students club in Vienna

FOR INFORMATION ABOUT OUR FOUNDING PLEASE READ MORE DOWN What is Zonta? Zonta is an international Service club of working women. The Club is non partisan, not dominational and ideological neutral! The name of the club means honorful and trustworthy in Lakota, which is a language of the Sioux family.   Zonta is an NGO[…]

Looking back, moving forward: Gender equality and sustainable development

   At present there are 17 goals drafted to focus on the most critical universal issues that will affect us all over the next 15 years: no poverty, global equality health and well-being, good health, fresh water, no hunger, quality education, good jobs and economic growth, gender equality, justice and peace, energy for everyone, solid[…]

Remarks on the first Sustainable Development Weekend

A post-Nidri script          The previous article published on Green O’Clock is asking for an “after-comment” itself. Even though, the text put more emphasis on the trash management problems of Lefkada and spoke about the issue of human attitude toward nature in the context of the island it also contained an invitation[…]

Training Course On Sustainable Entrepreneurship via Origami _ Εκπαιδευτικό Σεμινάριο για την βιώσιμη επιχειρηματικότητα μέσω της τεχνικής Origami

From 11th – 20th October 2013 an European Seminar of Youth in Action, organized by the NGO Solidarity Tracks took place in Lefkada. Young people from 13 European countries, including Eastern Europe and the region of Caucasus, participated in the sense of gaining more knowledge in the area of entrepreneurship and sustainable development. Young leaders[…]

Lefkada NGO is one of the winners of the Euro-Med Youth Awards 2013Τα Μονοπάτια Αλληλεγγύης είναι ένας από τους νικητές του Euro-Med Youth Awards 2013

Jordan hosted this year during June 11-13 the second edition of the Euro-Med Youth Awards. The Euro-Med Program is a program promoting youth mobility within the European and Mediterranean area. The aim of the event was to increase the visibility of the Euro-Med Cooperation with key partners from the youth field, to enhance the achievements of the[…]

EVS Volunteers build an Eco-House in Nidri Οι EVS εθελοντές χτίζουν ένα οικολογικό σπίτι στο Νυδρί

Friday 7th of June 2013, Nidri, Lefkada. The EVS volunteers in the Eco-House Project started at the beginning of May in Nidri presented their work to the public by organizing a series of workshops with the children in schools and also with the young people in Nidri and Lefkada City.             The initiator of the[…]

European Youth Week Officially Started in Lefkada Η Ευρωπαϊκή Εβδομάδα Νεολαίας ξεκίνησε επίσημα στη Λευκάδα

This weekend was an energetic and full of live one for the normally quiet Ionian island of Lefkada. To celebrate the debut of the  European Youth Week (26th of May – 2nd of June) the Youth NGO’s in Lefkada together with representatives of the National Agency organized on Saturday an European event in Paralia Park[…]

Let’s Do It Lefkada – one step towards transforming the beautiful island into a model of green behavior and sustainable development

Interview by Cosmina Bajan Greek translation Athanasios Petousis On the 14th of April 13 municipalities in Greece saved the date for Let’s Do It, an event taking place each year in most of the countries of the world. Let’s Do It is about making the citizens more aware of the importance of living in a[…]