Remarks on the first Sustainable Development Weekend

A post-Nidri script          The previous article published on Green O’Clock is asking for an “after-comment” itself. Even though, the text put more emphasis on the trash management problems of Lefkada and spoke about the issue of human attitude toward nature in the context of the island it also contained an invitation[…]

 Hear our voice and learn to care: sustainable development  weekend in Nidri

       Promoting the idea and teaching about sustainable development have always been among the priority of the volunteers of Solidarity Tracks Organization. Recycling workshops, garden maintenance  and eco-house building series have already had a history. During the last couple of years these initiatives and activities managed to enter, more or less, into the[…]

EVS Volunteers build an Eco-House in Nidri Οι EVS εθελοντές χτίζουν ένα οικολογικό σπίτι στο Νυδρί

Friday 7th of June 2013, Nidri, Lefkada. The EVS volunteers in the Eco-House Project started at the beginning of May in Nidri presented their work to the public by organizing a series of workshops with the children in schools and also with the young people in Nidri and Lefkada City.             The initiator of the[…]