Remarks on the first Sustainable Development Weekend

A post-Nidri script          The previous article published on Green O’Clock is asking for an “after-comment” itself. Even though, the text put more emphasis on the trash management problems of Lefkada and spoke about the issue of human attitude toward nature in the context of the island it also contained an invitation[…]

Celebration of 40 years since the Politehnio Uprising in Lefkada

Your past is always your past and even if you forget it, it remembers you ( Sarah Dessen). 40 years ago the students in Athens were on the street trying to build a better future. They are now the past that we should always remember and cherish. Student’s protest in 1973 was celebrated on Friday,[…]

Training Course On Sustainable Entrepreneurship via Origami _ Εκπαιδευτικό Σεμινάριο για την βιώσιμη επιχειρηματικότητα μέσω της τεχνικής Origami

From 11th – 20th October 2013 an European Seminar of Youth in Action, organized by the NGO Solidarity Tracks took place in Lefkada. Young people from 13 European countries, including Eastern Europe and the region of Caucasus, participated in the sense of gaining more knowledge in the area of entrepreneurship and sustainable development. Young leaders[…]

Let’s clean the beautiful beaches of Lefkada!Ας καθαρίσουμε τις όμορφες παραλίες της Λευκάδας!

 Saturday, 10t of August, an environmental event named Clean Beaches took place in Kathisma, Lefkada. The main purpose of the event was to sesnsibilize people on the problem of the throwing out of garbage and more specifically cigarette ends in the sand, on the beach, or in the sea. The event organized by Equal Society[…]

European Youth Week Officially Started in Lefkada Η Ευρωπαϊκή Εβδομάδα Νεολαίας ξεκίνησε επίσημα στη Λευκάδα

This weekend was an energetic and full of live one for the normally quiet Ionian island of Lefkada. To celebrate the debut of the  European Youth Week (26th of May – 2nd of June) the Youth NGO’s in Lefkada together with representatives of the National Agency organized on Saturday an European event in Paralia Park[…]