A message of love the day before Valentine

Message of love Saint Valentine. Admittedly in my home country people prepare for the “day of love” weeks before. A consumption hype developed the last years, just like the day of Christmas was turned into an “event”. The real meaning of these days got lost in hysterical shopping- trips. The shops are prepared with decoration of hearts, roses and candles; advertisements are full of good advic7480993es for “him” and for “her”, ideas what you need to buy and what you have to do on this day. Obviously, the sense got distorted a little. Another example is the mothers- and fathersday, which is not there to show your parents one day of the year that you can buy chocolate. Also, the meaning of Christmas was not to buy bonus cards for your friends to buy products and i am sure, also Holy Valentine didn´t want to support a world which is ruled of moneyand consumerism.

What he probably wanted to give, is a message of love.

A message of love

It can be a poem or a song,σάγαπαω
important is to whom we belong.
Not only on the day of Valentine,
you should write a poem or a rhyme.
For those you love and those you dislike,
create love and no more fight.
The most love you can give is when you see,
that love is also in your enemy.
Where to see the good and where´s the bad,
it´s better to love and not to get mad.
Rain can be nice as well as the sun,
you can complain or just have fun.
Jump around like a little child,
sometimes it feels great to be a bit wild.
When you get angry, disappointed or sad,
try not to forget there is love to add!
Mothers-, fathers- and Valentines day
love has 365 days to stay.
People let´s not buy stuff,
and and all the other days to be rough.
Roses, dinner and a bottle of wine,
the rest of the year there is also sunshine.
Give a message from your heart,
it doesn´t matter when you start.
The message of love should be there everyday,
this is the only thing I want to say.

Elisabeth Weissitsch.