Looking back, moving forward: Gender equality and sustainable development

   At present there are 17 goals drafted to focus on the most critical universal issues that will affect us all over the next 15 years: no poverty, global equality health and well-being, good health, fresh water, no hunger, quality education, good jobs and economic growth, gender equality, justice and peace, energy for everyone, solid[…]

New goals of sustainable development

        We usually use the noun “progress” for describing various types of development. However, if this is not an equally distributed development we cannot, and should not, perceive it as a true progress. But how can we make real the ethical goals, such as no poverty, global equality, good health, access to[…]

Christianity and Attitudes toward the Environment

        Environment protection is among the trendiest topics to discuss about nowadays. Without doubt, there are plenty of issues which need to be tackled and act upon when it comes to nature and its preservation. Nonetheless, before entering into the topic of how we should act in order to bring about a[…]

How to save the world- a small introduction for positive thinking

“Just have to save the world quickly, then I’ll fly to you. Still have 148 e-mails to check Who knows what happens to me then because it happens a lot. Just have to save the world quickly and right after that I’m with you again”   Taken from http://lyricstranslate.com/en/nur-noch-kurz-die-welt-retten-just-save-world-quickly.html#ixzz2xcMs42u6 “Muss nur noch kurz die Welt[…]

Generation Porn

Smart phones, laptops, tablets and Co. allow children and teenagers direct and free access to all available internet pages whenever and where ever they want. A simple click to “over 18 years” is enough to enter all online porn pages. The age when youngsters first getting in contact with these contents is getting lower and[…]

The uncomfortable reality about women´s situation worldwide

The 8th of March is the international women´s day. In the 21rst century women are supposed to be emancipated, free and equal with men. Why we should open our eyes and face a rather awkward truth, even in the middle of Europe? First lets ask, why in the so called highly developed countries in central[…]

„Equality for women means progress for all”

This is the motto from the united nation for the this years international women´s day, also called world women´s day, on the 8th of March. Everywhere around the world women celebrate this day and in some countries it is a public holiday.   Back to the roots, the main demand of women was to get[…]

The road to democracy…

The word democracy derives from the Greek word „demos“ which means people and „kratos“  which means rule. So it means “rule of the people”. It is a political system with the right of co-determination. In ancient Greece, the folk was seen just to be adult, free men, which could participate at the people’s assembly, so[…]

Thoughts about time and the “siga siga” spirit_ Σκέψεις για το χρόνο και το πνεύμα του “σιγά σιγά”

Time is money. Money is time. Since we are little, this slogan is crossing our every day life. We don´t have time, we are late, we have things to do, Work for money, Time for cash. But what lies behind this way of acting, what is the real meaning of this sentence? First of all[…]

Letters and handwriting in the era of the Internet_ Επιστολές και χειρόγραφα στην εποχή του Διαδικτύου

  The strongest connection to my family at home that I can get here in Greece, is not to write them a message via social media or see a video mail, but to take my pen and write them a letter. Because I really like the old school handwritten post-cards and letters, as they are[…]