How Greece can cope with refugee’s crisis?

        Months ago Greece was on the newspapers for different reasons, images of huge queues in front of the ATMs with pensioners, workers and young people who were waiting for their money. It was an individual pain caused by country’s debt crisis. Now, the image is different because we can see pensioners,[…]

New goals of sustainable development

        We usually use the noun “progress” for describing various types of development. However, if this is not an equally distributed development we cannot, and should not, perceive it as a true progress. But how can we make real the ethical goals, such as no poverty, global equality, good health, access to[…]

Remarks on the first Sustainable Development Weekend

A post-Nidri script          The previous article published on Green O’Clock is asking for an “after-comment” itself. Even though, the text put more emphasis on the trash management problems of Lefkada and spoke about the issue of human attitude toward nature in the context of the island it also contained an invitation[…]

 Hear our voice and learn to care: sustainable development  weekend in Nidri

       Promoting the idea and teaching about sustainable development have always been among the priority of the volunteers of Solidarity Tracks Organization. Recycling workshops, garden maintenance  and eco-house building series have already had a history. During the last couple of years these initiatives and activities managed to enter, more or less, into the[…]

Sterotypes and rumors

Stereotypes are part of our everyday life. People have to face imaginations of other people either they want or not. As a touristic place, also Lefkadian people have to face prejudices. Did you ever hear of Germans wearing socks in sandals, Austrians drinking loads of beers, English who are always sunburned, Norwegians who are easily[…]

The organic certification in Greece

Starting to work against the wrong imagination that “bio labels” are “all a lie, a fake cooperation company, not trust able etc”, the members of the W(e) DID workshop started to make a research in Lefkada´s supermarkets about biological products. We tried to find out, which ones are available and what signs are printed on[…]

Bio here, bio there, bio everywhere- but also INSIDE?

What does sustainable certification mean?   Sustainable standards implement a voluntary use of norms and standards that are linked to environmental, social, ethical and food safety issues. This idea started in the 1980s with the first “Ecolabels”, as well as organic food standards. The most important issues are environmental quality, social equity and economic prosperity.[…]

How to save the world- a small introduction for positive thinking

“Just have to save the world quickly, then I’ll fly to you. Still have 148 e-mails to check Who knows what happens to me then because it happens a lot. Just have to save the world quickly and right after that I’m with you again”   Taken from “Muss nur noch kurz die Welt[…]