Founding a ZONTA students club in Vienna

FOR INFORMATION ABOUT OUR FOUNDING PLEASE READ MORE DOWN What is Zonta? Zonta is an international Service club of working women. The Club is non partisan, not dominational and ideological neutral! The name of the club means honorful and trustworthy in Lakota, which is a language of the Sioux family.   Zonta is an NGO[…]

What W(e) DID about the effects of pornography on young people

In the beginning we tried to sort out the different aspects that we had connected with children/teenagers and pornography. It was worth to think about in what age children start to recognize sexuality and how they discover it. We heard some funny stories about our own experiences that we made in early ages, for example[…]

Generation Porn

Smart phones, laptops, tablets and Co. allow children and teenagers direct and free access to all available internet pages whenever and where ever they want. A simple click to “over 18 years” is enough to enter all online porn pages. The age when youngsters first getting in contact with these contents is getting lower and[…]

The sexualisation of children

Nowadays children are deprived of their childhood through a unacceptable demand on the speed of growing up. Within advertisements, media consumption, magazines and fashion the generation of children today is used for the image of innocence and for the youth obsession of adults. This depiction of children on posters, in commercials etc., risks softening attitudes[…]

The uncomfortable reality about women´s situation worldwide

The 8th of March is the international women´s day. In the 21rst century women are supposed to be emancipated, free and equal with men. Why we should open our eyes and face a rather awkward truth, even in the middle of Europe? First lets ask, why in the so called highly developed countries in central[…]

„Equality for women means progress for all”

This is the motto from the united nation for the this years international women´s day, also called world women´s day, on the 8th of March. Everywhere around the world women celebrate this day and in some countries it is a public holiday.   Back to the roots, the main demand of women was to get[…]

What W(e) DID about women, advertisements and sexism

In the meeting yesterday a group of 14 people gathered to talk about women´s situation nowadays, the influence of media and the connection with society, the education of values for our children and  problems that occur through teenagers years.   In the beginning we watched a video and commented or talked about the chosen pictures.[…]

Perfect, beautiful, photoshoped. Women today.

First, to find a beginning, one question immediately appears when we talk about beauty, women and co.: what is beautiful? Mainly if one looks out of the window, nature will offer him a variety of beautiful things. Maybe you receive sunshine, a smile, or you will see an amazing flower. Beauty can be defined in[…]