The history of environmental protection

Today you can’t throw a stone without hitting someone talking about the importance of environmental protection, the dangers of pollution and global warming. Of course just because we are talking about does not mean that we are closer to solving the problem but it is a step into the right direction. These issues are well[…]

How Greece can cope with refugee’s crisis?

        Months ago Greece was on the newspapers for different reasons, images of huge queues in front of the ATMs with pensioners, workers and young people who were waiting for their money. It was an individual pain caused by country’s debt crisis. Now, the image is different because we can see pensioners,[…]

New goals of sustainable development

        We usually use the noun “progress” for describing various types of development. However, if this is not an equally distributed development we cannot, and should not, perceive it as a true progress. But how can we make real the ethical goals, such as no poverty, global equality, good health, access to[…]

Christianity and Attitudes toward the Environment

        Environment protection is among the trendiest topics to discuss about nowadays. Without doubt, there are plenty of issues which need to be tackled and act upon when it comes to nature and its preservation. Nonetheless, before entering into the topic of how we should act in order to bring about a[…]