How Greece can cope with refugee’s crisis?

        Months ago Greece was on the newspapers for different reasons, images of huge queues in front of the ATMs with pensioners, workers and young people who were waiting for their money. It was an individual pain caused by country’s debt crisis. Now, the image is different because we can see pensioners,[…]

New goals of sustainable development

        We usually use the noun “progress” for describing various types of development. However, if this is not an equally distributed development we cannot, and should not, perceive it as a true progress. But how can we make real the ethical goals, such as no poverty, global equality, good health, access to[…]

 Hear our voice and learn to care: sustainable development  weekend in Nidri

       Promoting the idea and teaching about sustainable development have always been among the priority of the volunteers of Solidarity Tracks Organization. Recycling workshops, garden maintenance  and eco-house building series have already had a history. During the last couple of years these initiatives and activities managed to enter, more or less, into the[…]

This is How We Do It : Social Action and Environmentalism in the Balkans

By Cosmina Bajan In a world in full process of globalization, when economy and politics are disputing the first position in the complex category of criteria upon which we can compare a country, cultural and traditional patterns seem to be obsolete  Yet, if we really want to understand what lies behind the acting in a certain way or[…]

European Youth Week Officially Started in Lefkada Η Ευρωπαϊκή Εβδομάδα Νεολαίας ξεκίνησε επίσημα στη Λευκάδα

This weekend was an energetic and full of live one for the normally quiet Ionian island of Lefkada. To celebrate the debut of the  European Youth Week (26th of May – 2nd of June) the Youth NGO’s in Lefkada together with representatives of the National Agency organized on Saturday an European event in Paralia Park[…]