Lefkada NGO is one of the winners of the Euro-Med Youth Awards 2013Τα Μονοπάτια Αλληλεγγύης είναι ένας από τους νικητές του Euro-Med Youth Awards 2013

Jordan hosted this year during June 11-13 the second edition of the Euro-Med Youth Awards. The Euro-Med Program is a program promoting youth mobility within the European and Mediterranean area. The aim of the event was to increase the visibility of the Euro-Med Cooperation with key partners from the youth field, to enhance the achievements of the[…]

EVS Volunteers build an Eco-House in Nidri Οι EVS εθελοντές χτίζουν ένα οικολογικό σπίτι στο Νυδρί

Friday 7th of June 2013, Nidri, Lefkada. The EVS volunteers in the Eco-House Project started at the beginning of May in Nidri presented their work to the public by organizing a series of workshops with the children in schools and also with the young people in Nidri and Lefkada City.             The initiator of the[…]