Looking back, moving forward: Gender equality and sustainable development

   At present there are 17 goals drafted to focus on the most critical universal issues that will affect us all over the next 15 years: no poverty, global equality health and well-being, good health, fresh water, no hunger, quality education, good jobs and economic growth, gender equality, justice and peace, energy for everyone, solid infrastructure, safe environments, sustainable living, protect the plat, life below water a live above water and keep alive the global consciousness.   “The future we want” adopted in 2012, which included recognition of the importance of gender equality and woman’s empowerment across the three pillars: economic, social and environmental and start to participate in programmes and decision-making.

   Why is important the linkage? It’s moral and ethical, human rights and dignity and disproportionate impact of gender economic.

   Where is the solution? The woman has to be part of the system in public administration, business and she should be in high levels. When the woman will be here, we will be developing our human priority. The danger is the gender stereotypes that are still building inequalities. While gender equality can have a catastrophic effect on achieving economic social and environmental sustainability, the reverse does not always hold true. Linking gender equality with sustainable development is important for several reasons. Efforts to achieve a just and sustainable future cannot ignore the rights, dignity and capabilities of half the world population. About the world survey on the role of women in development, the effects of sustainable patters of development intensify gender inequality because woman and girls are often disproportionately affected by economic, social and environmental shocks and stress.


   Why violence? Gender violence a woman’s issue is part of the problem; and is an excuse to not pay attention because it’s only a woman’s issue. It’s the same when we hear the word race; a lot of people think that we are talking about African-American, Asia or other people who aren’t from occident.

   Why the inequality is cultural? What are we doing in our society? , What were the rules varies institutions in helping to produce abusive man? In which system are we growing and are we feeding? The sports culture, the pornography culture that the family structure are connected.

   Why we cannot be a Leadership? It’s really complicated because normally we have fewer promotions less opportunities and unequal compensation, the issue is not gender, the inclination its based of different physically appearance when we must to tend to look for the talent.

   Sustainable development pathway must include and explicit commitment to gender equality woman’s empowerment and women’s rights. Governments must to recognised that we will need this kind of changes towards sustainable and gender equality.

Sara Pérez