What W(e) DID about the rainforest

Our meeting yesterday was full of interactive exchanges of ideas. Many problematic topics of the world have been mentioned while we tried to figure out why sustainable shopping is the only way to make the world green again. Green in the sense of stopping the incredible speed of the deforestation. We recognized that only about 10% of the world´s population is consuming the 70% of the goods that are sold. This does not mean that those 90% of the rest isn´t producing goods, only that still they are not the consumers. While central Europe and Northern America are getting more and more wealthy and spoilt in their consumer habits, the average worlds population is in great risk of starvation and poverty.   We were trying to figure out if sustainable products are also available in the supermarkets in Lefkada or in general Greece. Therefore we will start a small campaign to inform people about the importance of this products and to increase the availability in the shops. Naturally if there is no demand of fair and biological products, the markets don´t react to it. The more people start buying certified goods, the more will be offered in future.   Additionally we decided to make lectures also in local schools to increase the awareness from our youngsters. Let´s follow the frog, all together. sustainable shopping Written by Elisabeth Weissitsch.