Local products in Lefkada

DSCN8896 Lefkada is famous for its beautiful beaches and high summer tourism. To consider yourself a Lefkada expert, its necessary also to try the typical products from this island. local products First and for most the very highly recomended wines should be mentioned. Bertzami and Bardea grapes grow in Sfakiotes, Karia, Apollonion and Ellomenos in 200 to 700 meters above the sea.  Also our organization once visited a wine factory, the traditional facility of TAOL (the Union of Agricultural Association), in October 2013. There are offers for arranged tours either directly or by appointment.   Apart from the wine, Lefkada´s traditional products are exquiste pies like the mantolato and pasteli. Its known for the sausages, the lentils from Eglouvi (a small village in the mountains), DSCN9735as well as honey from Athani. The embroidery is something special in Lefkada, as the “Karsaniki” stich is nowhere else used. Its origin is in the village of Karia.   It is said that the pies are not so common in the town, while rizopita (rice pie) and macaronopita (pasta pie), made from eggs and milk, are well known and often made in the villages. They also add aromatic wild greens.   local products Another famous product is the air- dried salami and the pork sausages. Their special mild aroma and the addition of garlic and whole peppercorns has made them being imported since decades.   Other appreciable products are fish, liqueurs and soumada, a white, creamy refreshment, made from almonds. Because of the high quality of olive oil, the oil pie got famous. It is the traditional sweet of Lefkas. It is served in all family events and is available all year.   It will be very interesting to understand the importance of local consumption and to learn more about them. Follow and join us to the next W(e) DID workshop, tomorrow on 18th of March at half past eight pm.   Written by Elisabeth Weissitsch.