What W(e) DID about the effects of pornography on young people

In the beginning we tried to sort out the different aspects that we had connected with children/teenagers and pornography. It was worth to think about in what age children start to recognize sexuality and how they discover it. We heard some funny stories about our own experiences that we made in early ages, for example the pure curiosity about the humans body. Also in what connection the availability of modern technology, namely media, affects already children aged 5 or 6 years.   STR1601FRONTBLUE_350491k As there are many arguments pro and contra pornography it was interesting to hear that every group member agreed that pornography is something that has to be considered to be normal. While nowadays pornography seems to be part of society and normality, the question “why and what we consider to be normal” comes up. Living in an oversexualised world doesn´t mean that this is something to accept either to agree with. It is understandable that we are all affected and have to live with it nowadays, but it is worth to think about if we also agree with the methods they use, the speed of spreading this ideas and the lower coming age of the availability of porns.   Also that a healthy way of sexuality without porns is obligated to be boring or not good enough, is possibly wrong, as we created ourselves this new way of sexuality. If we want to accept it and how we want to protect our children, is a question that everybody has to answer for him or herself.   Written by Elisabeth Weissitsch.