Generation Porn

Smart phones, laptops, tablets and Co. allow children and teenagers direct and free access to all available internet pages whenever and where ever they want. A simple click to “over 18 years” is enough to enter all online porn pages.


The age when youngsters first getting in contact with these contents is getting lower and lower. Long time before they even have their first real kiss, they know and saw all possible hardcore sex scenarios from porn actors.

That this has a negative side effect on the natural development of sexual experiences is obviously. Expectations, must-dos and brutality are the orders of the day. Romantic and caresses are constantly getting lost. Young girls think they are not normal, if they don´t let their partners do with them whatever they want (and what is shown in porn movies), and young guys are often caught in wrong imaginations of normality through watching those. Porn addicted teenagers have become part of the every day life.

Picture1A lack of sensibility and conversations between parents and children about the completely distorted portrays of sexuality, is also causing that kids “believe” what they see and think “they can learn something” through porn’s.

Of course it influences the young people in their future thinking and acting. In the back of their mind there will be those pictures and imaginations, what they will try to fulfill under pressure ,as they think it is reality.

Music with lyrics of hard sex scenes are also part of teenagers life nowadays. Swear words and “dirty talk” are used in song texts towards women who are used only for sex.

Especially through chat forms it has become more and more easy to get in contact with other people, and the natural boarder of what one would say in a real life situation, is much lower, as if the situation happens virtual. “Sexting” is one of the new problems that occur and where we should try to save our kids from. Sending sexy photos via mobile or computer is a dangerous way of easily using and sharing this material with lots of people. It is not only embarrassing and trust braking for that young girl, who sent pictures to purportedly trustful persons, it is also a soft way of children pornography, if the person is under 18 years old.

Some time ago women have been fighting for their rights in a very conservative society. To get rid of bra´s and oversexed clothes was one of the highest goals to reach. Nowadays young women don´t know where to cut off more of their clothes and how to show more parts of their body. A sexy self expression is somehow a must do in the modern society.


Naturally its not said, that all young people are using this media, or that all of them would be affected by watching it, but what can be said that a great number of extremely young people dives into worlds, that not even are made for ALL kind of adult persons. To protect and save our children from goods like this and to maybe over think the personal thoughts and naturalness’s in ones own life, is a must in our oversexed world.

Elisabeth Weissitsch.