What W(e) DID about the rainforest

Our meeting yesterday was full of interactive exchanges of ideas. Many problematic topics of the world have been mentioned while we tried to figure out why sustainable shopping is the only way to make the world green again. Green in the sense of stopping the incredible speed of the deforestation. We recognized that only about[…]

What W(e) DID about Lefkadian products and “green”consumption

The beginning of our workshop was all about collecting ideas of Greek and local products and to write them down on a mind map. Our group of 13 people different ages, was actively thinking of products or services around Greece that are strongly connected with local production, tourism or tradition. For the Greek products in[…]

Local products in Lefkada

Lefkada is famous for its beautiful beaches and high summer tourism. To consider yourself a Lefkada expert, its necessary also to try the typical products from this island. First and for most the very highly recomended wines should be mentioned. Bertzami and Bardea grapes grow in Sfakiotes, Karia, Apollonion and Ellomenos in 200 to 700[…]

Tsiknopempti (Τσικνοπέμπτη) in Lefkada

The “Fat Thursday” is a traditional feast on the last Thursday before Lent. In Greece it is the beginning of Carnival. The word Tsiknopempti means “Thursday of the smell of burned meat”. Fortunately this is only metaphorical, as everywhere around people grill Souflaki on barbeques. Traditionally this is the beginning of the carneval period, that[…]

What W(e) DID about women, advertisements and sexism

In the meeting yesterday a group of 14 people gathered to talk about women´s situation nowadays, the influence of media and the connection with society, the education of values for our children and  problems that occur through teenagers years.   In the beginning we watched a video and commented or talked about the chosen pictures.[…]

A message of love the day before Valentine

Saint Valentine. Admittedly in my home country people prepare for the “day of love” weeks before. A consumption hype developed the last years, just like the day of Christmas was turned into an “event”. The real meaning of these days got lost in hysterical shopping- trips. The shops are prepared with decoration of hearts, roses[…]

What W(e) DID about democracy yet

In the first part from our democracy workshop we started to begin with a presentation and conversation about the history of ancient democracy. We had a lot of interesting facts, because most of the participants are studying or studied in the area of history or political science. We also talked about the democratic system forms[…]

The road to democracy…

The word democracy derives from the Greek word „demos“ which means people and „kratos“  which means rule. So it means “rule of the people”. It is a political system with the right of co-determination. In ancient Greece, the folk was seen just to be adult, free men, which could participate at the people’s assembly, so[…]

What W(e) DID about traditions

The word tradition itself derives from the Latin “tradere” or “traderer” which means to pass down something, to transmit, hand over, or to give for savekeeping. Tradition passes down religious beliefs, principles, behavior, action patterns or shortly said everything without instinct (how to use tools, language). It is transmitted within a group or society, and[…]