Tsiknopempti (Τσικνοπέμπτη) in Lefkada

The “Fat Thursday” is a traditional feast on the last Thursday before Lent. In Greece it is the beginning of Carnival. The word Tsiknopempti means “Thursday of the smell of burned meat”. Fortunately this is only metaphorical, as everywhere around people grill Souflaki on barbeques. Traditionally this is the beginning of the carneval period, that[…]

What W(e) DID about women, advertisements and sexism

In the meeting yesterday a group of 14 people gathered to talk about women´s situation nowadays, the influence of media and the connection with society, the education of values for our children and  problems that occur through teenagers years.   In the beginning we watched a video and commented or talked about the chosen pictures.[…]

Perfect, beautiful, photoshoped. Women today.

First, to find a beginning, one question immediately appears when we talk about beauty, women and co.: what is beautiful? Mainly if one looks out of the window, nature will offer him a variety of beautiful things. Maybe you receive sunshine, a smile, or you will see an amazing flower. Beauty can be defined in[…]

What W(e) DID about democracy yet

In the first part from our democracy workshop we started to begin with a presentation and conversation about the history of ancient democracy. We had a lot of interesting facts, because most of the participants are studying or studied in the area of history or political science. We also talked about the democratic system forms[…]

The road to democracy…

The word democracy derives from the Greek word „demos“ which means people and „kratos“  which means rule. So it means “rule of the people”. It is a political system with the right of co-determination. In ancient Greece, the folk was seen just to be adult, free men, which could participate at the people’s assembly, so[…]

What W(e) DID about traditions

The word tradition itself derives from the Latin “tradere” or “traderer” which means to pass down something, to transmit, hand over, or to give for savekeeping. Tradition passes down religious beliefs, principles, behavior, action patterns or shortly said everything without instinct (how to use tools, language). It is transmitted within a group or society, and[…]

Keeping up traditions _ Διατηρώντας τις παραδόσεις

Recognizably traditions play an important role in Greece. People from all generations are dancing together traditional folklore dances, almost every day there is a band playing live music in a Taverna or bar, where almost everybody knows the Greek lyrics by heart as well as for many people it is more than normal to just[…]

Letters and handwriting in the era of the Internet_ Επιστολές και χειρόγραφα στην εποχή του Διαδικτύου

  The strongest connection to my family at home that I can get here in Greece, is not to write them a message via social media or see a video mail, but to take my pen and write them a letter. Because I really like the old school handwritten post-cards and letters, as they are[…]

Training Course On Sustainable Entrepreneurship via Origami _ Εκπαιδευτικό Σεμινάριο για την βιώσιμη επιχειρηματικότητα μέσω της τεχνικής Origami

From 11th – 20th October 2013 an European Seminar of Youth in Action, organized by the NGO Solidarity Tracks took place in Lefkada. Young people from 13 European countries, including Eastern Europe and the region of Caucasus, participated in the sense of gaining more knowledge in the area of entrepreneurship and sustainable development. Young leaders[…]